The Ladies Auxiliary Longshoremen- Local 1526

After months of discussion, the late Mr. John E. King, Mr. Clayton Roland, and Mrs. Annie M. Glover, chartered Chapter No.43 on April 28, 1969.

The Ladies Auxiliary was organized on November 10, 1969 at 8:00 P.M. with a meeting of Local 1526. President King explained to the men the purpose of the presence of the ladies in their meeting. The ladies auxiliary was to assist the members of ILA with community project and to help families, if they needed any type of assistance. Mr king and Mr. Roland appointed Mrs. Glover to set up the organization. The ladies retired to the conference room to elect officers for 1969 through 1970. It was mentioned and seconded by all the ladies that mrs. Annie M. Glover become the auxiliary's first president; and the following ladies were elected as officers:

Mr. Elizabeth Williams- Vice President

Mrs. Clara S. McKelton- Recording Secretary

Mrs. Jaunita Johnson- Financial Secretary

Mrs. Ella Adams- Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Rebecca Walden- Treasurer

Mrs. Willie Mae Jackson- Chaplain

Mrs. Rose Fields- Assistant Chaplain

Mrs. Claretha Russell- Parliamentarian

Mrs. Olga Roland- Sick Committee Chairman

Mrs. Dorothy Cramer- Membership Chairman

Mrs. Ernestine Wilson- Assistant Membership Chairman

Mrs.. Mary King- Marshall

Mrs. Mabel Holmes- Marshall

Shortly thereafter our treasurer resigned from office and Mrs. Leetta Williams was appointed treasurer for the remainder of the 1969-1970 term. during the administration of Mr. John E. King, we co-sponsored Thanksgiving and Chrstmas dinners for senior citizens and the handicapped. After an untimely death of Mr. King, Mr. O'Neal Davis, Mr. Roland, and Mrs. Glover continued to work together with the auxiliary. Some of our many accomplishments included community service projects. The ladies auxiliary served at family gatherings, Port Everglades, our homes, and other places.

During these times we would get to know families. Some of us would attend ILA council meetings and we did quite a bit of charity work in Broward County. In the past 25 years, some of the other presidents were Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Mrs. Claretha Russell, and Mrs.Georgia Ann Bruce. Mrs. Bruce served over 10 years as President. We also initiated th Retiree Dinner, Little Miss ILA Contest, an Christmas parties for the ILA families on Saturdays. We also served breakfast to ILA members.

Ladies Auxiliary No.43

Chartered April 28, 1969

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International Longshoremen's Association  Local 1526