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 Port Everglades Breaks Its Own Single-Day Passenger World Record

Port Everglades (PEV) is one of the most diversified ports in the state of Florida and the country for that matter – with our strong petroleum, cargo and our continually growing Cruise industry. PEV is also one of the three busiest cruise ports in the world with 4 million passengers in 2014 and homeport to more cruise ships than any cruise port worldwide

The press release below highlights how PEV has broken its own single-day passenger world record for the most cruise passengers to embark and debark in a single day— a grand total of 53,485 guests. The bigger story is that these guests are economic generators—cruise passengers come to PEV by air and car from all over the country and the worlds. Typically, they stay a night or two and take in the sights of South Florida, which means business for our restaurants, hotels, taxis and other local retail establishments.

Cruising is big business in Florida—according to a report by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the most recent numbers available, only about 73 million people in America (by far the largest cruise market) have ever gone on a cruise.  That is about 24 percent of the population. The cruise industry is truly one destined for growth.This does not include ship provisioning as well as the logistics and transportation services provided to prepare a ship for departure. Food, flowers and other goods and products all need to be loaded onto to a ship. With some of these provisions coming through our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 25).